Shortcut to Slim

S2 Episode 9 - When you want to rebel

Episode Summary

“What idea or thought are you trying to validate?” Listen as I explain why feeling defiant or rebellious is a great sign of progress (plus my manifesto ‘In Defense of Brian Wansink’).

Episode Notes

Ever wonder why you feel defiant and rebellious, especially after you’ve had some weight-loss success or a good streak for a few days? Listen as I explain why this happens and what you can to protect yourself from faltering.

Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating, has been under scrutiny for how he “massaged data” to form is famous “conclusions” but if his suggestions and “conclusions” still work and help people lose weight, where does that leave us?!

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Brian Wansink: Data Masseur, Media Villain, Emblem of a Thornier Problem